Galanto Club

Anyone can become a member of Galanto Club – regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, party affiliation, social status or anything else that divides people.

But to be a preferred member, that person must:

  • Not to impose in any way his differences from other members of the club

Club Galanto is a place (even when it is “virtual”) where people should feel comfortable and without any worries. With us, everyone is equal. Intolerance of any kind towards religious, political, sexual or other differences between members and visitors is not tolerated in any way in our club. We want to be “human”, free and equal to each other. Anyone who doesn’t think so is not for our club.

  • To be able or at least willing to manage his ego.

We are all “great”. Everyone is infinitely competent in one area or another. For example, taxi drivers are the most competent in the management of the state. But for someone to look for us, there’s probably a reason and something he couldn’t handle on his own. If he wants us to help him, he’ll have to trust us, we know how. We cannot tolerate a display of someone’s ego in the club, it will have to be suppressed. If he doesn’t want to – this guy is not a favorite in our club and we won’t invest our time and work with him – let him deal with his own problems and his ego.

  • To want to start his day with a smile. And let him do it!

We all have problems. For all of us, it is sometimes difficult to start our day with a smile. But we do. We always start our day with a smile, no matter what is weighing us down. Even if he doesn’t understand why, every member of our club should behave like this! To love to smile! In time, he will convince himself that we were right about this requirement of ours. If he does not want to – he is not preferred in our club.

  • Want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

All the goals of the club members, although in different ways, are related to achieving a healthy and active lifestyle. If someone does not want to – they are not preferred in our club.

  • To love to eat.

Here, people eat healthily (but smartly). Food is our main tool to achieve all goals. Anyone who prefers to starve, torture himself with various restrictive diets, depriving himself of one or another food, is not for our club.

  • To be ready to change his eating habits.

Even if they like to eat, not everyone does it exactly as they should. No matter how much a person has read, he knows (or thinks he knows) and is confident about it! To look for us, despite this knowledge, obviously did not achieve the expected result. We can find out why. He will probably have to change some of his eating habits and he should be ready for that change. If he is unwilling to change, that person is not a preferred member of our club.

  • To maintain high morals and ethical behavior.

Along with food, high morale is a basic requirement for our club. Any intrigues, gossip, conversations and actions behind the backs of third parties are not tolerated. Trust, sincerity and openness are the main guiding principles in our activity. The preferred member hates lying and is always honest with himself and others. Adherence to commercial laws is not enough for the morals that are maintained in our club. Your sponsor can explain what this means. Anyone who does not like such relationships is not a preferred member of our club.

  • To train and strive not to miss any training.

We value excellent training opportunities for each of our members. We know how everyone can achieve their goals, but in order to achieve them, he must also train. It is not difficult, but it requires persistence and desire. Every missed training is a step back in knowledge, experience and motivation. Each member’s results are important to us, our own depends on them, and we don’t want anyone to deviate from their goals. If someone does not want to train, absents himself from trainings without reason or constantly finds reasons for absences, he is not a preferred member of our club.

  • To be able or willing to learn to work in a team.

As independent as they are, club members work far more effectively as a team, and as success increases, this becomes inevitable. Anyone who doesn’t like teamwork is not a preferred member of our club.

  • He is ready for personal development.

Training is very important, but each person is a separate universe. He should know himself well or get to know himself in the process of learning, emphasize on improving what he lacks. Personal development is an important tool for achieving success. Anyone who does not desire personal development is not a preferred member of our club.

  • To want to be successful, to be ready to achieve success and to hold on to it
    to be what he wants.

Our members are destined for success. If they follow what they learn, they will inevitably achieve it. Thousands of people are achieving it – many of them without even having an education or any special knowledge or ability. They simply act according to what they learned from us and according to the recommendations of their sponsor. Everyone should be ready to bear their successes without boasting. Anyone who does not desire success and is not ready to achieve it is not a preferred member of our club.

  • Not to be ashamed to brag about the successes achieved.

Everyone will achieve success. You should not be ashamed of them – on the contrary! I have to share them with others – they would like that too. And everyone should be ready to help them. But there’s no way to know unless someone tells them and brags about it. He doesn’t even need to know how in the beginning, just not to be selfish, brag and lead them to his sponsor, who will show what needs to be done for them to achieve the same. Anyone who is not willing to do this, we will not love them any less, we will gladly accept them as our client and help them achieve a personal result, but they will not be among the preferred active members of our club.

  • Be prepared to comply with your sponsor’s recommendations.

The sponsor is each member’s closest teacher. He does not give money, but shares knowledge and skills on how everyone can achieve their goals. The sponsor does not force anyone, usually only hints or tells his or other relevant success stories. Each member himself must be willing to learn to know and know when exactly what to do. Although only recommendations, they are given on the basis of greater experience and are useful to everyone, the interest is for both parties. Anyone who is unwilling to follow their sponsor’s recommendations is not a preferred member of our club.

  • To be ready to attend and actively participate in club events.

Like any club, ours also has its own organizational life. We organize events to fulfill our mission to make as many people as possible healthier and happier. For these events to be effective, club members must actively participate in them. Anyone who does not wish this is not a preferred member of our club.

  • To observe the rules in the club.

Each organization has its own written rules, and so does our club. These rules are as democratic as possible and were created as a result of considerable experience. Their goal is to minimize conflicts between members on the road to success. They are subject to change and everyone has the right to suggestions, and the club owners – to a decision on how to proceed. Anyone who does not wish this is not a preferred member of our club.

  • To welcome and send off every colleague and visitor to the club with a smile and a good mood.

On-site or virtually, our club is a carrier of positivity and positive energy. You can only get to his front door without a smile. Entering the club with a smile, the positive charge is transmitted to other members and visitors, and everyone is happy to come again and again. Anyone who does not want to smile at colleagues and visitors is not a preferred member of our club.

  • Don’t grumble.

Problems are for solving, not complaining about. Complaining accomplishes nothing but damage to the feelings and motivations of others. Let’s look for solutions! Anyone who complains constantly is not a preferred member of our club.

  • To be ready to change his “wardrobe”.

Sooner or later it will be necessary. No matter if the goal is to lose weight, gain weight or increase muscle mass, healthy eating or just a nice rest and fun, everyone can achieve it, as long as they really want to. This is often associated with a change in clothing. And everyone must be decently and properly dressed, according to the rules in the club. Whoever does not wish is not a preferred member of the club.

  • Be ready to feel unbearably good.

As you achieve your goals, you each gradually begin to feel unbearably good. This can be a burden at one point as he sees the people around him struggling and at the same time stubbornly refusing to follow you. It’s sad, but it happens most often with the closest people. He should be ready for it. Whoever is persistent and consistent and does what he has learned with us will sooner or later be followed. He must accept that, unfortunately, those around him “are not yet hurting enough” to desire change. Excess energy can also cause problems – it can take you back to your childhood or teenage years, and the body is not trained enough to begin with. Anyone who does not strive for an active lifestyle even after this burst of energy is not a preferred member of our club.

  • To love the song “The Best” by Tina Turner.

This song is key to us and in the learning process everyone understands why. We sincerely hope that every member in our club likes it and becomes his favorite. Otherwise, he will not be a preferred member of our club.

Do you like all this?

Of course, everyone is welcome to join us, and they have the freedom to opt out at any time. Preferred or not, everyone is welcome and will be welcomed accordingly.

What is the difference? We value our time, and with Preferred Members, we’re confident we’re not wasting it unnecessarily. We give them more for faster success.

No one has to meet all these conditions, it is important that they want it!

Together we can do a lot!

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