Metabolism: Key to effective weight management

Metabolism: Key to effective weight management

Metabolism: Key to effective weight management

Metabolism is a vital process that converts the food we consume into energy. It is essential for all biological functions in our body, from breathing to thinking.

Each of us has a unique metabolism determined by genetics, hostile environment and contaminated products, gender, age, health, weight, activity level, hydration and rhythmicity in eating.

We cannot change genetics and gender. We can influence our environment, but it is difficult and slow. What products we use is a matter of choice. But even a cursory look at the other factors makes it clear that we can certainly improve our metabolism.

Here’s how:

Improving nutrition

Including healthy foods in our diet can help improve metabolism. Foods rich in protein can increase metabolic rate. Foods rich in fiber can support healthy digestion. Foods with a low glycemic index can improve carbohydrate metabolism. Foods with high nutritional value can provide the micronutrients needed for good metabolism. In the absence of quality products on the market, the metabolism can be supported by protein meal replacements (for example Shake Formula 1), a sufficient amount of fiber (for example from OYAN or Beta Heart), nutritional supplements rich in micro/phytonutrients (eg Phyto Complete and Women’s Multivitamin/Men’s Multivitamin) and other suitable products.

Improving physical activity

Physical activity that maintains an optimal heart rate contributes immensely to improving metabolism. Striving in our daily activities to walk more, climb stairs, stand more upright and often in motion also has a beneficial effect on metabolism. What is the optimal heart rate to achieve a good metabolism, you can learn in a consultation on the Galanto 30 system +.

Improving hydration

Most of the biochemical processes in our body take place in an aqueous environment or with the participation of water. Good hydration, especially in the mode of burning excess fat, facilitates and accelerates the metabolism. You can learn what the optimal water intake is from your trainer.

Rhythmic in eating

All body functions related to metabolism are relatively inert and require some preparation. Our lives are conditioned by a daily circadian rhythm. Observing the same daily rhythm in nutrition and properly tying it to our personal lifestyle and activity significantly improves it. Divide the meals into three main meals and at least two intermediate snacks, trying to have them at the same time convenient for you.

Effective rest

A large part of metabolic processes take place during sleep and rest. Try to sleep 7-8 hours, preferably in the dark part of the day. With the unique supplement for healthy and effective sleep Night Mode you can get from here.

Improving metabolism is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and active longevity.


Before ordering the supplements from the links in the text, contact your coach or Galya/Tony who can give you a discount code!

Please note that it is always a good idea to consult a nutrition coach or health professional before starting a new diet or taking nutritional supplements.

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