I joined a group to support my wife. There for three months without any hunger, with many eating and drinking the water I lost many kilos, took off much fat and many cm of laps of my body. I had to change my entire wardrobe, all my clothes become enormous. This state I support since mid-2014. Now I planning to get a little muscle mass and I eat without any worries because I know how to eat.


Program for weight management of Herbalife includes, among other things: a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate daily fluid intake, dietary supplements where necessary and appropriate rest. Individual results vary.

And now for the curious and lovers of stories a longer narrative.

I joined a group to support my wife and she not feel alone there. I liked myself – I weighed on my place. I had never thought how difficult doing already some everyday things – for example, I buy shoes without laces, because it was difficult to bend down to tie.

Water barely drank. I guess I thought that the water in morning and afternoon coffees is enough for me.

I ate once per day in the evening when I get home. Once, but firmly – then the difficulty rising from a chair in the kitchen.

After dinner, “I draw, myself” watching TV and napping almost immediately afterwards. Sometime during the night I woke up and finish the job that I have not managed to finish the day, and I’m was planned or emergency it for the next day.

Classes of support group proved to be very close to us – in the next entrance. It was an advantage. And before we could see that something is happening there, but we did not know what.

In the first measurement impressed me particularly metabolic age, which was too much over my biological age.

In the group we immediately started using Herbalife products – shake and fiber tablets. I heard about Herbalife years ago, too, even used the shake, but then we went through a woman sell my products were not cheap I do – maybe two monthly salaries, then left almost nothing explained. And I mess shake with milk for dessert without changing anything else. Today I understand why I not lost, but I I felt wonderful. That was not entirely disappointed, despite the wrong way of use. I was not found longer this woman, but I did not make great efforts because my salary just sank.

Now the situation turned out to be quite different. Our nutrition coach was constantly available for us. It was Emmy Milusheva. We are terribly grateful to her! He explained us everything we asked. In the group every time we learn something new and interesting.

It turned out that despite many reading the Internet and specialized books, many of the things we’ve done wrong. And we thought that eating healthy.

The group was fun. Who as eating so weakened – more you eat, the more weight loss. More drinking water – more weight loss. Now I know why, but then it impressed me. And no one starved.

I will not forget the second private meeting when Emmy asks me how I feel and I replied: “As orchid.” She looked at me puzzled, so I had to explain that I drink so much water than before that I feel constantly as in water, ie as orchid.

In the group I slimmed down considerably. This motivates me to continue and continued changed my lifestyle. After six months I doubled my results.

Since mid-2014 this result is maintained and if I start active lifestyle, too, I will surely be further improved.

I know I need more physical activity, but it could not be serious about this. At least manage to walk more. Walk in traffic jams in Sofia today it is often advantageous, especially around the center. And almost always dismount and climb the stairs, no elevator. I planned to increase sport and I’m sure it will improve my condition sharply.

I keep my current lifestyle and I did not think to go back to the old – it is simply unthinkable.

I use absolutely all products of Herbalife, including two complete series Cosmetics – Herbal Aloe and SKIN.

People have never been able to guess my age, and those who know me are impressed by how I look. They are often confused with the father of our granddaughter.

Now obligatory I breakfast shake. Previously, I’ve drank an average water bottle tea, even with getting out of sleep. During the day, drink 3-4-5 liters of water depending on my commitments. I still not enough lead an active lifestyle, which account for error and I will change.

I had totally changed my wardrobe because everything I was already big.

Night stay up late because I am full of energy again and managed to do everything the day before to get home and instead work to do with pleasing to my work – enough time for my family, for my hobbies and for reading .

I feel healthy, strong and happy. As I like to say, I feel “unbearably good.” Good, because it really is rather but overwhelming, because I sympathize with the people who usually because of stubborn, ego or any other reason do nothing for himself. Always amazes me that our closest relatives and friends who daily see the change in us, continue to torture with their lifestyles.

I am convinced that no one can force you to feel good and you do not reason to try. But whosoever is always welcome – gladly help him and I will continue to do this all my life!

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At the beginning I have not thought to do this, just loved all Herbalife products and use them fully. But I started to feel as good as decades ago. After the changes that took place with us, I would like to help all people who want to achieve the same. So gradually it turned into my business that I enjoy and return the smiles of the people.

That was the reason I became a wellness coach and consultant on nutrition in Herbalife.

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