For the Price of a Miracle

For the price of a miracle

For the price of a miracle

An eight-year-old child overheard his parents talking about his little brother. All the little girl knew was that her little brother was very sick and they didn’t have any money left. They moved to a smaller house because they could no longer afford to stay in their home after paying the hospital bill. Only a very expensive surgical operation could save the boy, and there was no one to borrow money from.

When the little girl heard her father say to her weeping mother in whispered despair:

“Only a miracle will save him now…” the little girl went to her room and took out her piggy bank from its hiding place in the closet. Dumped all the coins on the floor and counted them very carefully.

Clutching the priceless piggy bank tightly, he slipped out the back door and walked the six blocks to the local pharmacy. He took out 25 cents from his piggy bank and put them on the glass counter.
– And what do you want? – asked the pharmacist.
– This is for my little brother – answered the little girl. – He is very sick and I want to buy him a miracle.
– Please?! – the pharmacist was amazed.
– His name is Andrew and he has something bad growing in his head and Dad says only a miracle can save him. That’s why I ask how much a miracle costs.
“We don’t sell miracles here, kid.” “I’m sorry,” replied the apothecary, smiling sadly at the little girl.
“Look, I have the money to pay for it.” If they are not enough, I can try and find more. Just tell me how much the miracle costs.

There was a well-dressed customer in the pharmacy. He bent down and asked the little girl:
“What miracle does your brother need?”
– I don’t know – answered the little girl, and his eyes filled with tears. “He’s really sick and mom says he needs an operation.” But dad can’t pay for her, so I brought my savings.
– How much money do you have? – asked the man.
“One dollar and 11 cents, but I can try to find some more,” replied the little girl, almost without a sound.
– Ha, this is a coincidence! – The man smiled. – One dollar and 11 cents – just for the price of a miracle for little brothers.

He took her money in one hand and took her hand with the other. Then he said:
– Take me to your home. I want to see your brother and meet your parents. Let’s see if I have the miracle you need.

This well-dressed man was Dr. Carlton Armstrong, a surgeon specializing in neurosurgery. The surgery was done free of charge and it wasn’t long before Andrew was back at home and recovering quickly.

– This operation – whispered the mother – was a real miracle. I can’t believe how much it would have cost.

The little girl smiled. It knew exactly how much a miracle cost: one dollar and eleven cents…plus the faith of a little child.

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