6 Golden Rules for Permanent Weight Loss

6 Golden Rules for Permanent Weight Loss

6 Golden Rules for Permanent Weight Loss

  1. Maintain a caloric deficit combined with wholesome nutrition and good hydration, sufficient rest and sleep.

A calorie deficit means eating less energy (calories) than you expend.

And it doesn’t matter what diet you follow to meet these conditions.

In all diets, the first part of this rule is observed – the calorie deficit. Another question is which one is healthy and how long you can follow it.

In any case, note that the human organism is not just a laboratory field for testing physical laws. Here the laws are not purely physical. Complex biochemical metabolic reactions take place in the body, and in addition to the “physical” deficiency, the other conditions must also be met – complete nutrition and good hydration (i.e. getting all the substances you need in the necessary amount, which is different for everyone one person, as well as drinking the necessary amount of water, which is also different for each person), and also enough rest and sleep – it is not by chance that I emphasize this.

It’s simple – a person, like any other living creature, has an instinct for self-preservation – if something is lacking, he will do everything possible to protect himself in a difficult period and will “switch” into a protective mode, which is most often expressed in fat and water accumulation. If you don’t rest enough, you don’t give your body the time to prepare and cleanse.

  1. Never starve and maintain a rhythm in your eating (ie eat at roughly the same time of day every day).

See above what I wrote about the “protective” mode. It’s the same. The rhythm is necessary because the organism is a rather inert system, which, however, can intelligently adjust itself for each process – for example, shortly before mealtime, it will do everything necessary to prepare for it.

  1. Get enough protein every day.

Protein is a basic “building” material in our body. We know that the cells of our various organs completely renew themselves over a certain period. If there is no protein, how will they regenerate? However, keep in mind that your body cannot absorb more than 30-40 g of protein per meal, no matter how much you give it. The excess will turn into fat and, believe me, in places where you least want it!

This is where the meaning of eating 5-6 times a day comes from.

  1. Maximize the volume of the food, while at the same time reducing its caloric content as much as possible.

Quite a difficult condition with the usual foods they sell in stores.

Of course, we offer a solution to this problem as well, but we are not talking about it now.

By achieving this, you will unknowingly get the fiber you need to cleanse your body, because high-volume and low-calorie food is usually high-fiber food.

Such food keeps our body full and thus prevents it from “switching” into protective mode.

  1. Be maximally motivated, responsible, constant and persistent in achieving your goal.

This is easy in words, but it is probably the most difficult rule. And how could it not be, as grocers “bombard” us constantly with temptations and advertisements of high-calorie and harmful foods.

For anything to happen, you have to want it badly. We are not talking about various metaphysical and occult things here.

It’s just that when our mind strongly desires something, our body necessarily adjusts to fulfill it.

  1. Do not be influenced by modern myths in the field of healthy eating.

Such a myth is, for example, the harmful influence of gluten. All kinds of terrible harms are attributed to it, which are indeed such, but only for people who suffer from celiac disease – gluten intolerance. And only those who are actually diagnosed by a doctor. For everyone else, including those who Googled it, decided they were sick, and confirmed their illness on Yahoo, gluten is a really necessary protein.

Another myth is that periodically the human body needs detoxification. Yes, it is, if he has “indulged” in taking harmful foods and begins to suffocate from them. Then detoxification is really needed and it is a medical procedure that is done by medically trained individuals. With all day intake of any smoothies and teas, the situation will not improve enough. Whoever does not want to get there, should not bother with “detox” programs, but simply “get a grip” and eat properly every single day, without overdoing any food, nor resorting to self-medication or “crash” with drugs.

A third myth is that there are weight loss products and fattening products. See the first rule and know that you can lose weight from burgers in a caloric deficit and gain weight if you stuff yourself with only avocados, active ingredients and oatmeal. I recommend that vegetarians and vegans also think about these words, although I respect their choice to torture their body – it is theirs and they can do what they want with it.

There are many such “modern” statements and myths, but I will dwell on just one more – that you get fat from a large amount of carbohydrates. This myth has arisen to a large extent from ignorance of what carbohydrates are and from not being in tune with the individual and his lifestyle. In general, it should be known that it is healthy for carbohydrates to be about 40% of a person’s caloric food intake. Athletes may have a little more. Carbohydrates are the main food for brain cells… let’s not predict what happens to a person whose brain is not fed or not working well… Fiber is also a carbohydrate. If we have to limit carbohydrates, then this only applies to simple carbohydrates and not for everyone and not every time – try to limit the carbohydrates of a professional boxer, see what happens to you… 😉

In our challenges, in an easy and fun way, you will learn a lot about nutrition and how to achieve your goals in this direction permanently and as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Take a look at them and enroll in the one that suits you. If you prefer, look for us, let us guide you.

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