8 Types of People Who will Hardly be Healthy and Happy

8 types of people who will hardly be healthy and happy

8 types of people who will hardly be healthy and happy

If you find yourself somewhere here, change your lifestyle immediately!
Advice from someone who has felt the difference

1. Awaitingthe

These are people who promise to start eating right or do sports after some event. Or from tomorrow. Or from Monday, from New Year’s, after Easter, whether winter or summer passes…

They are constantly waiting for something. And so all the events, all the holidays, all the Mondays pass… and they wait.

Life doesn’t get any easier. Free time doesn’t happen anymore. New events appear, new Mondays, but also new problems.

Meanwhile, their organism is ruined. Muscle mass is gone. Sarcopenia, paunch, disease, wrinkles appeared… stretch marks and orange peel are the least of their problems.

And over time, they even get used to their unpleasant appearance, they find the stores for “big people”. Climbing the stairs is a pain for them, even walking on level ground almost immediately gets tiring.

The longer they wait, the harder it will be to start!

What to do if you recognize yourself here?

Trust a nutrition coach. Having achieved some result and feeling better and with even a minimal readiness for sports, plan 2-3 hours a week of fitness, swimming or whatever you like the most.

Make these classes your highest priority and fight for them with everyone who tries to hinder or demotivate you! Make them, along with proper nutrition, a part of your life!

2. The incorrigible gluttons

These people consume too many calories and cannot even imagine refusing something delicious. For them, it is enough that the food is fresh or “from the village” for it to be healthy, and they don’t even think about switching to proper nutrition.

People often come to us and start at the door: “I want to lose weight, I’ll do anything you tell me, just don’t deprive me of the cake before bed!” or “No, if I don’t eat a tripe with two beers for lunch and half a loaf of bread, I’m not full. I will never give that up!”. We begin to wonder why they bothered to come to us.

We are looking for some kind of compromise and tricks to make them give up their gluttony little by little, not if they don’t, they can’t have a positive result. With us, the results are always 50×50 – we will do our best, but we cannot force anyone to feel good.

Foodies usually equate “healthy” with “bland” food.

At the culinary entertainments we organize, they convince themselves that this is not the case at all, but it is difficult for them to decide to visit them.

There comes a time when even the most incorrigible gluttons understand that their love of sweets and junk food is not their “taste” for food, but an unacknowledged inability to cook. Or the excessive tolerance of children’s choices, which are often very far from the right ones, but for the sake of peace, parents often even tolerate them.

If you still think that chips, soda, croissants, candy and cake are the perfect food, think again! You have the eating habits of a five year old. It’s time to grow up.

Trust a nutrition coach who will discover your true taste for good food in small and painless steps. You own it, but you’ve “put it to sleep”…

3. Hurt (physically or not quite)

These people will never begin to live properly, justifying themselves with old traumas.

Yes, they perfectly understand that exercise is necessary for health and will gladly resume it, but a few years ago they injured their knee and it still clicks when they walk and hurts when the weather changes.

Or they have some kind of blood vessel damage that they read about on the Internet or EHC (a woman told them) that it is genetic and therefore cannot be changed in any way, they have to put up with it.

What sport are we talking about?!

But when these traumatized people are fully healed (obviously never), then they will surely start training again.

Each of them reaches this state in a different way. They may have been prominent athletes. But they may have just started playing sports, get a small injury or feel pain somewhere and immediately decide that sports are harmful and painful – far from such things!

Others have been traumatized since childhood, they went to doctors and they told them that the problem is incurable for modern medicine (modern for them means that which they learned from the textbooks at the Medical Institute). They just have to get used to living with this problem. And they do. They are used to it and live with it.

For others, it may not be trauma, but high blood pressure, for example. Because it is easiest for the doctor to prescribe a drug to bring him down, explaining to the patient that he is now in the “adult” column. Timelessly “outdated”, he accepts his lot for the rest of his life and considers it to be quite normal.

Some of them don’t even go to the doctor to find out what happened. They ask in the forums and the biggest “experts” give them “correct” advice that they can do independently at home. With these technologies, why should they waste their time in offices and clubs.

Oddly enough, very rarely do any of them try to find a good coach (nutrition or sports) who can competently prepare a nutritional and training regimen for them, show them how to ignore the injured body part, or a methodology to restored her painlessly and sparingly. If this trauma exists at all. Because it can also be purely mental.

Naturally, no coach will close his eyes to the pain and limitation of mobility, but he will do everything in his power if he sees desire and motivation in the person! No one should throw their sneakers in the basement and accept that this is normal for their age. No, it’s not normal! The “normal” for every person is to be healthy and happy!

There is no way that gentle exercise is not good for recovery and pain relief after injuries. There is no way that there is no proper diet to get you out of an unpleasant state of mind and body.

No one is so “broken” that they can’t do anything. Unless he’s broken…mentally.

Even people with irreparable disabilities can not only train for health, but also reach a physical condition sufficient to participate in competitions and achieve incredible results.

There are many examples. If you participate in sports Internet forums, participate precisely for the purpose of motivation. As for the advice, no one can guarantee you how correct it is, unless you know the respective coach personally and you are sure that he is an expert in the field of your interest. In the forums, the advice is “autobiographical” – people are sure that if it worked for them, it will work for everyone. This is not always the case and can even have the opposite effect.

4. Movers

People who make a living by hard physical labor.

There are still some. They exercise irregularly or refuse to exercise at all because they think that their physical activity at work is enough. And that they don’t need gym or any sport. This is a big mistake.

As a rule, in any heavy physical work, the set of movements is not large: the same muscles are loaded, and the limbs move in a limited range.

As a result, the worker gets a pronounced muscle imbalance of some muscles at the expense of others, stiffness and pain, back and joint problems. Their diet is often criticized.

Strength training includes many different exercises that harmoniously build all muscle groups, increase endurance, flexibility and coordination. When properly prepared.

In addition, with heavy physical work, the load, as a rule, is constant. The muscles get used to it and stop growing. In the gym, the load constantly increases, the body becomes stronger, more toned and more durable. During sports, a person also gets used to a proper diet, which allows him to protect his muscles, and I have not yet seen an employer who takes care of this, even if it is only with advice.

With a good training regimen, combined with proper nutrition, the worker learns during sports a technique that he will be able to apply during work, performing the movements much more efficiently and reducing the risk of injuries and accidents.

A person who has mastered proper weightlifting will never lift a heavy object incorrectly, risking a hernia.

For health, it does not matter whether you do heavy physical work or spend all day in front of the computer, whether you are a man or a woman. If you want a harmoniously developed, beautiful and healthy body, in all cases you need proper nutrition, strength and cardio training.

5. Victims

These people repeatedly start training. And healthy. And they follow their diet. They start and give up. And so many times. They constantly feel wronged by the diet and restrictions. They despair that they will be “victims” for life and their suffering will last forever.

They usually lack motivation. Missing target. Their expectations are that everything should happen quickly and painlessly. They believe in the “magic pill”.

Reality is different from our fantasies. Our body adapts, but differently for everyone – for some quickly, for others very slowly.

If these people set a goal and are motivated, they can also jump over the threshold where they feel like “victims”. It’s harder on your own. It’s proven easier with a coach.

You get used to almost everything. Even more so with physical activity and healthy food. The most difficult is the decision and the first steps. The more persistent and disciplined a person is, the faster the adaptation. The stronger the motivation, the stronger a desire to quit can overcome.

Actually, all these people with a great figure and health never suffer because they follow a diet and exercise. No! They love to do it.

Don’t think that athletes go through hell, refusing sweets. No! They just don’t care about sweets. This is not genetic, nor is it the result of iron will. This is a very common habit and definitely anyone can develop one. He just has to ask for it and cross the threshold after which he will not suffer anymore.

6. Pedants and theorists

These people love theory and enjoy digging into details, but miss the really important thing – practice and persistence.

They are afraid of microwave ovens, looking for “Non-GMO“, “BIO” and any such “healthy” pictures on labels. They read and explain to everyone about the pH of the water and exactly what kind of water they should drink. They know how bicarbonate of soda works, bee pollen and all other “grandmother’s”, domestic or foreign magic substances. But for some inexplicable reason, they don’t care about their belly fat, lean muscles and whether they eat a balanced and regular diet. They don’t understand that they themselves are fat and miserable.

They cannot imagine that even with the most “organic” products, they can also ruin their health.

They will tell their trainer all their diagnoses, starting from childhood, endlessly discuss the benefits or harms of certain exercises or other products. They will analyze the analysis that the coach has made of their eating and sports habits. Some will even try to explain to him how wrong “edi-where-are-you” is because they have read extensively about it on the Internet.

Naturally, they will not achieve any results because they will not put in any effort.

This is difficult. Discussion and “philosophizing” is much easier and more enjoyable. Unfortunately, these “philosophers” hardly define themselves as such and their egos are in the clouds.

Details are important, but as a rule, the time for them comes much later. And the biggest goal is reached in small steps. To make all steps achievable and enjoyable. They can even be fun.

The ultimate goal should be a real change in lifestyle to a better, more correct and environmentally friendly one. This suddenly cannot happen. Quick results are also contraindicated. Most diets and some sports regimes lead to quick results, but the “bite” turns out to be big and people give up – they can’t live like this for the rest of their lives.

Usually, simple enough rules are followed to begin with: regular training, balanced food, gradual rejection of harmful foods and drinks, good and proper hydration.

7. Masters of Apologies

You can’t argue with these people. They have an answer for everything.

They often say that they really want to work out, but they just don’t have time for it.

In addition, any suggestions and advice are absolutely not suitable for them – for each of them they have a specific unshakable excuse.

We’ve met people who are downright world champion excusers.

They don’t have the energy to train in the evening after work, they don’t have time in the morning, they don’t have the opportunity on the weekends, they have too many duties at home, that’s when they have to take the dog out, hang over their student’s head, the gym is too expensive, it’s too stuffy at home and so on to infinity.

They usually think their excuses are unique. Yes, they are unique to them, but we hear them several times a day from all kinds of people and smile semi-mysteriously “with understanding”.

Well, there are indeed some unique ones, for example: “I had already gone this way, but on Orlov Most, my gearbox fell off” (in fact, I suppose it is possible, the person was driving a Moskvich, and not the latest ones).

Such people do not look for solutions. They look for excuses. Mostly in front of themselves – others usually see the truth, even if they are educated enough to keep quiet.

We must not depend on circumstances. Wishes can and should be stronger than any excuses.

Priorities are being rearranged. A solution can always be found anyway. It is proven in practice!

The problem is again purely mental. Just admit to yourself that you can. An hour of weekend workouts won’t ruin your family, even if your family doesn’t get pancakes for breakfast. Especially if you think you don’t have the energy to exercise after work. Don’t delay, do it now!

I promise – you won’t die and you’ll even sleep better, rest better, even your lower back will hurt less than without exercise.

8. Supermen

They are “above things”.

They are convinced that the rules are not for them. Maybe someone needs eight hours of sleep to recover, but they feel great after four. Maybe someone needs to eat well and increase their protein intake, but for them, two pizzas are enough to build strength for training.

Give up alcohol? Well, no … To warm up before training? Yeah… Working on joint mobility? Ha! Let the girls in the yoga class do this.

They may not share it, but they think it.

Soon the questions start: “Why has my progress stopped?”, “Why aren’t my muscles growing even though I’m taking a break from training?”, “Why am I injured again?”

And they even answer each other. They don’t ask. They know and can do everything: “It’s probably genetics,” “I’ll have to change trainers,” “This diet isn’t right for me”…

Yes, our bodies are different, but not that much.

If they follow their training regime and it is specially for them and prepared for the purpose, not every one of them, if they eat a wholesome, balanced and correct diet, if they hydrate their body enough, if they sleep well and as much as necessary – they can’t help but get results .

A person can withstand heavy loads, but if this is not done properly, sooner or later his enthusiasm will “break” and all results will be lost.

Let’s take good care of our body – it’s all we really have.

If you want to be healthy and happy – look for us!

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