A Marathon for a Strong Spirit and a Healthy Body with Gali and Tony

This is a long-term project with 10-day challenges (tours).

Gali and Tony

Gali and Tony

Real – a direct path to success! And it doesn’t matter if you want weight and body correction or a change to a healthier, more active and happier life.

The marathon is not binding on anything and the unity depends on you how long you will participate in it.

Tip: until you reach your goal!

Who is it for?

  • For anyone who wants to reduce their size and shape a healthy and beautiful body;
  • For anyone who may not need to lose weight, but definitely wants to improve their nutrition;
  • For anyone with a competitive spirit.

What will you get in these 10 days?

  • Personal trainer and nutrition guidelines tailored to your goals;
  • Individual diet with Herbalife Nutrition products included;
  • Reporting of initial measurements and final results;
  • Special chat between marathon participants to share nutrition and physical activity via photos or text;
  • Daily small tasks to complete at a convenient time;
  • Support and motivation from me as your coach;
  • Ideas for a more active and exciting everyday life.
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Terms of Participation

  1. Each participant must use Herbalife products in their nutrition plan. The minimum package is a set of Shake Formula 1 and Aloe Vera Concentrate, purchased from us or from your own Herbalife account, after an initial consultation.
  2. Initial consultation to prepare an individual nutritional plan. If you are a completely new participant, you will need to fill in the Consultation Questionnaire required for this first consultation. If you are already our (Galya and Tony’s) customer, this step is completed.
  3. Have Viber installed. The marathon is run in our group “Gali & Tony – Galanto”. A lot of useful information for you and your participation in the marathon awaits you there.
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What can you expect?

  • Learn to drink more water;
  • To train more and with pleasure;
  • To eat more regularly;
  • To feel better;
  • Have fun 🙂;
  • To lose some of your excess weight and fat.

10 days? Not much.

But they can be the start of something new, transformative, invigorating and fun!

Don’t waste any more time!

Sign up now for the next 10-day marathon tour!

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