Do You Make Midnight Snacks?

Do you make midnight snacks?

Do you make midnight snacks?

No one will admit it. You consider it a great sin, don’t you?

And have you tried to fight them?

For example, with a rich dinner. No, not a good idea. Eating right before going to bed, and a large amount of it… it doesn’t work. Heavy on the stomach, heavy on the soul, hard to sleep, rotting processes instead of digesting…  Definitely not that way.

A light snack can do the trick, though. Small, but rich in rapidly digestible proteins and of great nutritional value. It will help you sleep soundly and even lose weight!

But don’t do this without consulting your trainer. Each person’s needs are individual and he is the right person to take everything into account and give you the right recommendations.

If for someone the sixth snack is useful, for example because they are quite large or an athlete and need more than 180 g of protein daily, for someone else it can exceed the caloric intake for the day and have the opposite effect… There are many factors that influence the right decision, there are also many individual characteristics.

Snacking before bed has other health benefits, such as boosting metabolism, helping muscle recovery, reducing hunger, and establishing favorable early morning blood sugar levels.

It is most effective and simple to combine high-protein, easily digestible foods such as cottage cheese, yogurt, shake F1, PDM on the one hand with foods that support good sleep, on the other – for example, rich in magnesium, which in turn helps the body to produces melatonin. Here, people know how this is done.

Everyone manages their own life and maybe right now is the time to take the first step.

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