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SKIN Questions

SKIN Questions

One of the questions I get asked most often about our cosmetics is: “Which should I use first – a scrub or a clay mask?”

The question is completely understandable, because both products do not have numbers and are not used every day.

The answer to this question is equally logical: “The scrub is used first. It is unnecessary to “nourish” dead cells, which we will soon exfoliate.”

The question is also understandable if we want to use a hydrating eye cream and a firming eye gel at the same time. Both are #4. The moisturizer is night and its strength is in nourishing and hydrating the skin. The astringent is daily and its strength lies in the gentle stretching of the skin, evident from the name. It is not wrong to use both, although perhaps it is not as effective – the skin requires the most nourishment at night. But if we still do it, we use the hydrating one first, wait ten minutes for it to absorb well, and then the firming one.

For more information, it is best to visit one of the events organized by our club, where you get the opportunity to learn many of the subtleties of cosmetics in a fun way.

Our cosmetics are great for men too – don’t neglect them, they are welcome to the beauty party too. And this can bring you unexpected advantages that you will find out “on the spot”.

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