Get in shape with the new “Eating for Health” marathon

Get in shape with the new "Eating for Health" marathon

Get in shape with the new “Eating for Health” marathon

Get in shape with the new “Eating for Health” marathon

Completely online, in Telegram!

Start: September 11, 2023 (Monday)

  • Feel the change in 10 days!
  • Weight loss, cleansing, maintenance, change in eating habits, knowledge, pleasure, entertainment!
  • Get into a rhythm with the help of a personal trainer, in a group of like-minded people.

What is included in the 10-day marathon:

  • A personal trainer who will give you guidance according to your goal.
  • Special Telegram chat for Marathon participants.
  • Measuring initial and final measures and outcomes.
  • 10 day program with interesting daily tasks.
  • Ideas for a more active everyday life.
  • Recipes for delicious healthy meals.
  • Short lessons on healthy and balanced nutrition.
  • Prizes for the best results.

For whom it is suitable

  • For anyone who wants to reduce their rounds.
  • For anyone who needs to improve their nutrition, it doesn’t even need weight loss.
  • For anyone with a competitive spirit.

Terms of Participation

  • Each participant must use Herbalife products in their meal plan. The minimum package is a set of Shake Formula 1 and Aloe Vera Concentrate, purchased from us after an initial consultation or from your own account if already a member of Herbalife. If not, it can be.
  • Have Telegram installed. You will be added to the special chat (closed group) of the marathon and to chat with your coach.
  • Sign up! 🙂

What will you do in the 10 day marathon?

  • On the first day, all participants share in the team chat their starting measures and the goal they have.
  • Each of the 10 days of the marathon share their daily menu, water intake and physical activity through photos and/or text.
  • They complete the task of the day in a convenient time.
  • They share their difficulties and progress during the marathon period.
  • They support and motivate the other participants in the group.
  • Every day they try to do better than yesterday 🙂

The goal of this program is to change your behavior and work harder on the regimen. Therefore, you can expect the following successes:

  • you will drink more water;
  • you will exercise more;
  • you will eat more regularly;
  • you will feel better;
  • you will have fun 🙂;
  • and most likely you will lose some of your excess weight, fat and inches;
  • if you want to lose weight and regularly participate in the marathon laps, it is very possible that you will need to change your wardrobe to a smaller size of clothes.

10 days is not much. But they can be the beginning of something new, changing, invigorating and fun!

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