Healthy pancakes

Healthy pancakes

Healthy pancakes

Products for about 11-12 pancakes:

  • about 2 eggs;
  • about 3 cups (tea – 200-250 ml) of water;
  • about 2 cups (tea cups – 200-250 ml) of flour (about 1/3 of which is whole wheat or spelled);
  • about 1 pinch of potassium salt or whatever you have;
  • about 1 spoon of porridge (official name “Oat-apple drink”);
  • about 4 scoops of Formula 1 Vanilla shake (if you don’t currently have a Vanilla shake and are using another, it might be a good idea to add about 1-2 vanilla powders);
  • a little olive oil.

The dosage is extremely important and must be followed exactly! 😉



There is also a picture of the main products. If you ask why there is that bean in the picture, hardly anyone can tell you. It is not used in their preparation. I put it there to sharpen and check your attention and to complete the composition.


You will also need a blender or mixer and most likely a pan.

Pour the water into the blender first and then add all the other products in the order you want. For variety, you can change the sequence each time. But the water seems to be best first, otherwise there will be an unstirred mixture on the blender jug.

You stir the mixture. Otherwise, why did you have to pour it into the blender?

You should get something like a thick paste. You can add more water if needed. Carefully.

Do not remove the lid of the blender while blending. Cleaning such a mixture from the walls is not very easy…

After mixing the mixture well, if there is someone to wash the dishes, you can pour it into another container and get a suitable ladle. If you are going to wash the dishes, you can pour the mixture directly from the jug of the blender (but detach it from the base with the motor, because it is heavy).

It is very important that you turn off Facebook before

It is very important that you turn off Facebook beforehand

Grease the pan with olive oil. Personally, I drip a little and blot it with a paper towel. Or I drip on the kitchen paper and then smear. I grease it well, not only the bottom, but also the sides (at least it’s easier to wash). But only on the inside, otherwise it smokes a lot. You can also coat the ceiling above the stove with olive oil, but for now it’s better not to.

It is very important that you turn off Facebook or, preferably, the Internet entirely, no later than this moment. Pour the mixture into the pan, tilting and rotating it until it just covers the bottom. Avoid spilling on the stove, hood and other surrounding objects.

You fry the pancakes (it’s almost baking) on “low heat”. We prefer gas because we care about the environment and for this reason I reduce the gas stove “to a hole”. But it still has to burn. You can do the same if you use gas. Experiment!

And so - 12 times.

And so – 12 times.

Bake (or fry) the mixture until it changes color (darkens). Its color should not turn black, then it will be too late – just darken. At the same time, it came off the pan. Then you can tilt the pan forward and down and shake it to make the pancake slide forward, then jerk the pancake up to flip it. At this decisive moment, you may regret that you did not grease the ceiling with olive oil – if you make the movement too sharp and strong, the pancake may stick to it. But hopefully no one’s looking and you’ll scrape it off without a hitch. The next one will be more successful.

And so – 12 times. Or more precisely, until the mixture runs out.

Comfortable outfit for making pancakes

Comfortable outfit for making pancakes pancakes

Anyone who has made standard pancakes can also use all the murafetti that he has learned from his own practice. In most cases, they are applicable.

It is very important with what mood and what outfit you make pancakes. A good solution is just an apron (in case the breakfast will be shared with someone who is still lying in bed). But the one in the next picture works too.


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