How Can We Speed Up Our Metabolism?

How can we speed up our metabolism?

How can we speed up our metabolism?

We have already learned how to recognize that our metabolism has slowed down, we have learned why it has slowed down, now we will find out how we can speed it up.

It is quite logical: by removing the reasons for its delay.

  1. So we start again with nutrition.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already convinced yourself that there are no magic diets or weight loss pills. Humans are wired like electricity – they move in the direction of least resistance and tend to resort to fad diets or diet pills. Even if he achieves some effect from such things, it is temporary, and if he does not change his way of life, everything is restored with a surplus.

(actually, I recently learned about a “miracle diet” – where you eat whatever you want and wait for a miracle to happen ;-)) < /p>

The unpleasant thing about restrictive diets (and most of them are that way) is that they have deprived you of some substances vitally necessary for the body. When following such diets, the body, in order to protect itself, purposefully slows down the metabolism in anticipation of a time when it will start eating normally again.

  • Our first job is to stop all diets. Let’s start thinking about changing our lifestyle. One of our wellness coaches will surely help you with this – they are absolute professionals in this field. Arm yourself with patience and discipline – to successfully start this change you need 3-4 months.
  • Our second job is to restore nutrient deficiencies. Of the macronutrients, the most common deficiencies are protein, fiber (which are actually carbohydrates) and Omega-3 fatty acids. Of the micronutrients, the most common deficiencies are vitamins (B, D, A, C, etc.), iodine, zinc, calcium, selenium, chromium, magnesium, iron, or others. How to restore exactly what we lack, our wellness coach will help us again in a completely natural way and without synthetic substances. More of the foods and products that are recommended to speed up the metabolism actually provide exactly those substances that we lack.

The wellness coach will recommend what foods we should get from markets, shops, supermarkets, luckier from the village or our own farm. I have already mentioned the sad news in the previous article – the products, even from one’s own farm, cannot be the same as they were 20-30 years ago or more – the soil is depleted, treated with various chemicals, etc. The statistics are cruel – during this period, many of the precious microelements for us have decreased by 80-95% and more! However, we do not limit anyone – “masochists” can run to collect the necessary products. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it becomes difficult, expensive and time-consuming.

To the delight of everyone else, our company has thought about this and the Formula 1 shake has all the 114 substances necessary for the human body, and with Formula 2, Formula 3 and other specialized nutritional supplements, thermojetix tea, etc. . it is possible to customize the program for each person, regardless of what they need more – here again we will trust the professionalism of our wellness coaches. At the same time, we will be able to get the missing items at a very reasonable price and without any loss of time.

Secret advice: selfish and chaotic intake of vitamins and other substances does not have much effect. One effect is sure to be – you’ll give your wellness coach a hard time why you’re not getting the results you’re expecting. The arbitrary acceptance of various supplements and fundamentally useful products in themselves can disturb the balance determined not by chance by a whole board of top-scientists from all over the world. Let’s not think we know more than them, let’s “step” our egos and listen to our wellness coach!

It is very important to cleanse our body of the various accumulated “harms” – toxins, slags, etc. We need a certain amount of fiber. Again, it’s a good idea to ask your health coach how to get them.

  • Our third job is to restore periodicity in eating: water, main breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Eating every 3-4 hours. Like babies. What exactly, when, in what combinations, etc. – a wellness coach is invaluable for these recommendations. It is good to avoid simple carbohydrates after lunch and to eat a little before sleep.
  • Our fourth job is to procure the necessary amount of clean water. Preferably at body temperature or at least room temperature. Here someone can say that if the water is ice cold, the body will spend extra energy to warm it, but my personal opinion is that the stress on the body from the ice cold water is greater than the calories spent. But in all circumstances, water is important. Processes in the human organism take place in an aqueous environment. Water is also needed to clear it of waste.

Secret tip: limiting or completely stopping any diuretics such as carbonated drinks, beer, coffee, etc. helps to get enough water. I often meet a client of ours who, when she found out that she had to increase her water intake by three liters because of the six or seven coffees she drank a day, immediately said “I’d better stop drinking coffee!”. And it really is.

  • Our fifth job is to limit and preferably completely stop alcohol. Alcohol directly hinders the work of the liver, which has a key position in metabolism. As a transition when stopping it, we recommend replacing at least the concentrate with a glass of white wine (not beer, because it is carbonated and a strong diuretic). When we have to use alcohol, it should be with as much water as possible.

Secret tip: do not try “on your own” to remove edema in the limbs with strong diuretics, because you have decided that this way you will get the water out of the edema. Reducing these swellings will be most successful with a systematic intake of enough water to restore normal metabolism – swellings are often (but not always) due to the fact that the body has stored water there for heavier days. For the treatment of such swellings, it is best to seek medical help.

Secret tip: try a brisk cold shower in the bathroom. The sharp tightening of the muscles in this experiment increases the metabolism and even more the mood.

  1. Let’s emphasize physical activity.

It may seem strange to you, but her appetite also comes with eating. And it is also logical – sport it with a bag of cement on the back and then throw it away – when will it be easier and pleasant? It’s the same with extra pounds. It can be started with something easy – prolonged walking, easy exercises at home, yoga, gradually moving to swimming and exercises in the gym, etc. The wellness coach will recommend the right way, the best and especially for us. We must trust him, because physical activity combined with improper nutrition leads to damage, instead of improving the metabolism. The trainer will help us gain more muscle mass or keep it while reducing weight, which leads to a faster metabolism. Protein bars, for example, are a tasty ending (and not so caloric) to another workout.

Secret tip: prolonged exercises with low and moderate activity, of the “cardio” type, accelerate the metabolism more, but for a shorter time – for the time of the training itself and, say, for the day. Strength exercises with weights speed up the metabolism not so much, but for a long time, for example for 2-3 days. A combination of the two is best, but here again we rely on our wellness coach or verified fitness instructor.

Secret tip: If our work involves constant sitting, it is good to find some tasks that force us to walk or at least stand up straight. This moves not only our body, but also our metabolism.

  1. Getting the rest and sleep we deserve.

We never get enough sleep, but it is extremely important. At the same time, it should be 7-8 hours and in the dark part of the day, in order to restore the periodicity and the necessary time for this part of the metabolic processes that take place during sleep. The opinion of some “workaholics” that time is wasted is extremely wrong.

Secret tip: bask in the sun every chance you get. Don’t miss a beach, but don’t overdo it. Naturally accumulated vitamin D is important not only for children, but also for women of all ages, as well as for calcium absorption in general.

  1. Overcoming stress.

Stress is a great enemy of metabolism. It affects the figure differently for different people. Whether we lose weight or gain weight from stress, it negatively affects metabolism. I know how you will argue – that you are forced to work under stress and have no choice.

Which is actually not true. Rather, you are afraid of change. But nature did not create us to suffer in order to endure this situation. If we don’t like the job, let’s change it! If we don’t like the boss, let’s fire him!

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