How not to Gain Weight during the Holidays

How not to gain weight during the holidays

How not to gain weight during the holidays

The most exciting of all holidays are coming – Christmas and New Year. Who does not wait for what his loved ones or Santa Claus will make him happy with under the tree? Who doesn’t look forward to delicious holiday meals? An endless string of name days and holidays follows at least a month after the New Year.

These tables are the biggest nightmare for people who, with hard work and will, lost a few kilos just before the holidays.

Will they protect them?

Galya and I have been achieving it for several years now, and all our fellow coaches are capable of it. Trust them.

Are there any secrets?

There’s nothing better than what everyone learns from their coach, the Health Academy lectures, or the 30-day challenge (now’s the time to sign up!).

I will tell you how we achieve it at home.

  1. Food.

Nutrition is important. We already know that nutrition holds 80% of the shares of good health and self-esteem.

We aim to maintain a ratio of 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat plus good hydration and enough fiber and vitamins. The abundance of food allows us to do so. The drive is to emphasize protein, especially when we “need” to increase carbs (pies and sweet things).

We include our products to help. With them it becomes easy, fast, natural and effective.

In the morning shake, we put 2 spoons of protein powder instead of 1. This is especially important for people who are fasting – it is even more difficult for them to get proteins. These two scoops of powder are solid insurance against sweet temptations during the day.

If it opens during the day for a long time without eating (difficult, but it happens), we fill it again with a shake with more powder.

We must increase our fiber intake to ease the purge. I drink Oat Apple Drink in the morning and Beta Heart before bed and almost always flavor the water I drink with Aloe Mango Concentrate.

Sometimes we make a “turbojet cocktail” – in a bottle of 1.5-2 liters of water we add 3 portions of protein powder, three portions of thermojetix tea, three portions of aloe-mango and three portions of oat-apple drink or Beta Heart. We shake and drink from this cocktail between main meals, skipping the intermediate ones. It also helps with extra protein, cleansing, and energy throughout the day.

  1. Hydration.

Water is no less important. The water! Not the car, the Schweppes, the Sprite… Not even the sparkling water. We are talking about ordinary water. In winter, it is more difficult to catch up on water, so unsweetened warm tea also works. Or sweetened with Aloe-mango.

What tea? The best! Throughout the day we drink Thermojetix tea. We make it in liter bottles for easier measurement – we fill them halfway with water, add a spoonful of tea and 4-5 spoons of Aloe-mango (for those who don’t know – it is 10 times lower in calories than natural aloe) Thermojetix – tea helps to burn fats and carbohydrates more actively into energy and provides us with enough caffeine without its harmful influence like that of coffee.

  1. Supplementation.

A complicated word. A few years ago I had not even heard of it, but the youth today love it. It means to supply our body with substances that are found in small quantities or are completely absent in our usual food.

Note, however, that this method can withstand moderate disregard for the rules. If we’re going to “binge” like last time, I don’t know if it will do the same for you. It works for me – I eat a little bit of everything I want without gaining fat. But no overeating!

We can talk a lot about supplementation during the holidays, but everything is very individual and the nutrition coach who follows our progress can best say what is good for each of us. Personally, we have a lot of Herbalife tablets at home – multi vitamins (for men or women), to increase immunity, omega-3, for more energy, etc.

  1. Lifestyle.

If we want to “preserve” ourselves qualitatively, we must not just change our diet, but our lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to listen to our coaches, they know how and can help us. As good as Herbalife products are, they are not magic – the real “magic” is the trainer.

Sport is the other 20% of our good health and self-esteem. I don’t think the holidays can prevent us from getting some physical activity in – light cross-country in the morning, cleaning the house between guests, going to the gym or running around the shops.

However, I will also mention some other simple general rules for a better lifestyle during the holidays:

  • Don’t overeat. Try more things, but less. Try it, don’t rush! 😉
  • Do not drink alcohol. It is dangerous for both driving and metabolism. With it, you take in a huge amount of empty calories. Better choose the people around you as much as possible – it’s the company that makes the mood, not the alcohol. If necessary, prefer a glass of wine instead of concentrate, instead of beer or instead of other supposedly mild alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget the glass of water next to the glass of wine.
  • Never skip breakfast. And let it be with more protein and less carbohydrates, and at the same time with good hydration.
  • Eat slowly and with pleasure. Chew food well. Try to stop eating before you feel full, this feeling is slightly inert, but it will come.
  • Spend more time on walks with friends, the kids, the dog than at the table.
  • Don’t visit more than once a day – you won’t miss a meal every time you visit.
  • Sex is a good physical activity and accelerates the production of useful enzymes and hormones.
  • Avoid fried and breaded as much as possible.
  • Prefer clean meat. Avoid “trifles” and guts.
  • Don’t eat food so it doesn’t get thrown. Better think if you can’t take it to people who need it.
  • If it snows or there is ice, clear it and make it comfortable for you and your guests. This is also good physical activity.
  • See your coach and get the experience from the source – what he or she does during the holidays.

But the 100% working and time-proven tip is: sign up for our “Marathon” (it’s for those who are looking for excuses with lack of time or other excuses because it’s entirely online). There and from the coach, you will learn in detail besides these and many other things – how to shop, how to fast properly, how to have breakfast properly, how much water you should drink, how to improve your immunity and avoid fatigue, how to cook healthily and much more useful things in life.

Get healthier and happier! Up to you!

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