Scrambled eggs – a secret of a world-famous chef

Eggs are often used as the main source of protein in balanced diets.

Surely you know dozens of ways to use eggs in cooking.

Boiled, on the eyes, in an omelette, scrambled…

And have you ever thought that there are often subtleties that radically change their taste and appearance?

Let’s take the last two types (omelet and scrambled).

Make them the traditional way for you, just add a tablespoon of water to each egg. Plain clean water, not milk or anything else.

And share the result.

For me, they are extremely tasty and, as one nephew says, “crumbly”.

Since I make them this way, I never forget to add the water!

Try it!

And of course, we will be happy if you share your secrets for preparing eggs, no matter how.

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