25 years of drinking soda and saying it helps?

I’m sure you’ve come across an ad where you’ve heard this “mocking” expression in an ironic tone. For an antacid medicine. Or to make it sound “more fashionable” – against acid reflux. Or more scientifically: against gastroesophageal reflux.

To be honest, soda always helps. But pharmacists also feed children. I’m not mad at them.

I want to start by saying that I am not a doctor and my opinion is in no way a substitute for medical expertise. None of the products I have mentioned in this post is a drug and cannot be a substitute for a drug. If you suspect that you are ill, contact a doctor whom you trust!

I will simply share my own story and recommendations without forcing anyone to follow them.

Your body is probably the only thing you really own and you can do whatever you want with it! But if you love it, read below.

I had terrible heartburn. I stuffed myself with fried and hastily prepared foods – they were quick and easy to make. I couldn’t fall asleep at night without “hitting a soda.” I had specialized, even without water I drank it: I poured a spoonful into my palm and with a sharp movement threw it directly down my throat. And that’s it. Without water. At that time, if there was water in the coffee, it was the water I was drinking.

Well, I didn’t wait 25 years to find out that baking soda always helps.

What I did?

  1. I lost weight. It’s not hard. Nor does it require much willpower when you do it with a trainer. Now I’m a nutrition coach myself. If it occurs to you, call me or my wife. I even give you a choice 😉 I’ve heard that even if you lose 10% of your weight, you can forget about acids and soda altogether (well, if you follow some other things, all related to weight control and therefore health) .
  2. I started eating healthy. It wasn’t hard to figure out which foods were causing my heartburn. Usually it was fatty, fried and spicy foods, sugar and especially ready-made powdered sugar of unspecified composition, sweetened carbonated or non-carbonated drinks, cakes and cupcakes (especially if I abused them). Actually, any food if I eat it. There was even a term for this abuse of food – “binge eating”. A healthy balanced diet is a whole science, and if you will believe me, it means quite different things to each person. Well, there are also general ones, but I have almost told you the general ones. If your acid reflux is not particularly severe, a healthy balanced diet is often enough. But if it stubbornly does not help, you probably have damaged your digestive system more or less and will need additional care. It was the same with me.
  3. I started drinking a lot of water. It also helped me lose weight. It is about pure water, not carbonated water, juices (even “natural” ones) or beer. By the way, I almost always had heartburn after a glass of “natural” juice. Now that I read the labels, I also understand how “natural” almost all “natural juices” are, but I didn’t know then.
  4. I added Herbalife Nutrition Aloe Vera Mango Concentrate to my water. It helped me tremendously in learning to drink water and helped my digestive system recover.
  5. When I said “to recover”, I also thought of something else – not a single organ in our body can recover if we do not provide it with enough protein! Morning and evening I drank a Herbalife Nutrition shake (or had it with yogurt). It provided me not only with enough protein, but also with all the other 114 substances that my body needs to exist.
  6. Every day I ate a few almonds. They say it was better raw, but I confess that mine were baked. Just a few almonds, not a few handfuls! They balance the pH in my digestive system and are a good source of calcium. I later took it in a supplement along with vitamin D, but that’s aerobatics that you don’t need in the beginning.
  7. When I woke up in the morning, I first drank a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, which I later replaced entirely with Aloe Vera Mango. I had already convinced myself of its efficacy. You can also start directly with it – the choice is yours. Lemon juice, despite being acidic, increases the basic nature of the PH in our body. So does Aloe Vera Mango. They help digestion and there is nothing harmful in them (don’t eat the lemons with the peel though, no one knows what they are sprayed with in markets and warehouses!). These tips won’t help you get rid of heartburn right away. Perhaps by stopping fried, sweet and overeating, you will feel the first improvements, but they may not be enough. What can be done then?
  8. You probably already know the soda trick. Soda will not harm you in small amounts and not every day. Well, you might have to burp in secret. Do not keep the resulting carbon dioxide in your body. Drink two or three pinches of soda and sleep peacefully. Sleep is an equally important element of a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your stomach, back, or right side makes it easier for stomach acid to enter the esophagus. And best of all, don’t eat anything at least 2-3 hours before going to bed – take a walk after eating instead of lying on the bed in front of the TV and listening to terrible news. If you are very hungry, eat something high in protein, but easy to digest and without sugar, aspartame or the like.
  10. If real apple cider vinegar is available, drink 1-2 teaspoons daily. You can mix it with honey in tea or in the morning instead of lemon with warm water. Although it is acidic, apple cider vinegar reduces the acidity in the stomach. The same applies to pickles, pickles and other fermented products. Note that I don’t mention anything about alcohol with the pickles! Alcohol also stimulates acid reflux, especially if it is of poor quality.
  11. Chamomile tea, mint, fenugreek, fennel also have a calming effect (again, I’m not talking about mastic or aniseed!).
  12. I read somewhere that chewing gum after meals also helps. It increases the production of saliva, which in turn reduces the acidity in the esophagus. Unfortunately, there is almost no natural gum anymore – I only know of one type of gum that is free of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, but I don’t think of advertising them, especially since I haven’t personally experienced their effect on heartburn.
  13. Other things I’ve also heard help are ginger, basil leaves, cloves, cinnamon… There’s certainly plenty of information on the internet about this. The effect of Aloe Vera Mango was enough for me.

I started with the fact that heartburn can be a disease or other physiological condition subject to medicine, and I will end with this: if your heartburn is caused by obesity (this is also a disease and quite dangerous), hernia of the esophagus, pregnancy ( is not a disease, but a specific physiological condition that can also cause heartburn), or other – I recommend calling a trusted doctor.

It is no accident that I emphasize the concept of “trust”. Knowing what engineers went out with me, I dare not go to the doctor! 😉

Don’t think that I don’t respect doctors – on the contrary! They are lifelong learners. And if they really do, they become brilliant specialists!

But especially for obesity, a doctor may not be able to help you – it’s better to look for a trusted nutrition coach. Keep an eye on our page and your mailbox for our announcements – more and more interesting things and trainings are coming out and will be coming out.

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