The secret to health and longevity – is it in sports

The secret to health and longevity - is it in sports

The secret to health and longevity – is it in sports?

Is it obligatory to go to the gym every day or to buy a “treadmill”, a bicycle and a step exercise machine if we want to be healthy?

We are obviously well informed. We have read about many centenarians. We have noticed that there are areas of the planet with a very long lifespan.

Surely these areas are full of gyms and sports equipment stores?

Well, maybe not.

What are the people doing there that are so healthy and live so long?

If we think about it, we will highlight two main things.

They eat right and move a lot.

They use their cars only when necessary. They often work in their garden. They are constantly on the move, without even thinking that this is so, and hardly any of them are counting their steps. For centenarians, movement is a way of life.

Routine natural movements are one of the most effective ways to increase our lives.

Of course, in modern conditions this seems unrealistic. Most people are already tied to a table, computer screen, or constant travel (let’s separate travel from traffic – constant travel is also a sedentary lifestyle).

According to statistics, 100 years ago only 10% of people had a job sitting, and now this figure is about 90%.

There are dozens of ways to move. We don’t do it because we just get bored. Or not, let them be more diplomatic – because we use technologies that make our lives easier.

Yes, but this is not the best choice.

Let everyone think about how their day goes and whether they can’t do something by actively moving point A to point B.

Why don’t we take the children to school on foot? In this way we will have additional invaluable time to communicate with them – something that is rewarded many times in the future.

We probably can’t always walk to the store or work. And can’t we do it by bike?

The public transport information system in some cities shows us how much time is left to “our” bus. If it’s 10-15 minutes or more, won’t we have time to walk to the next stop? Everyone can judge according to the terrain and possibilities and do it.

Do we have to go up and down to our apartment by elevator every time? No, at home we all do this only if we have unbearably heavy luggage.

It may seem curious, but when our club was 4-5 km from home, in rush hour I got there on foot, by car and by public transport for almost the same time.

Some will say that they can’t spend that much time walking.

But it doesn’t have to be all at once. We can walk several times a day. For example, five minutes every hour. Or during the holidays – you certainly have vacations, which instead of cigarettes, can be filled with a short walk around the workplace. You may notice interesting places you didn’t know about before. We have already done it.

Why don’t we have lunch in that far away place where they cook so deliciously? We will “trample” the food on return.

Think of a change of work postures. If you can work sometimes straight, do it! Or vice versa. If you can move, do it! Print on the farther printer. Don’t try to reach everything with a simple reach.

Remember that our body is made to move.

This does not mean that it is necessary for health to go to the gym or to torment yourself with high-intensity training and heavy cardio.

The simple, natural movements that the centenarians constantly perform will bring us much more benefits – health and longevity.

Research has shown a significant reduction in mortality from cardiovascular, respiratory and cancer diseases in the elderly population, even with just two hours more walking per week.

Walking is also good for the brain. According to Swedish doctor Anders Hansen, author of The Real Happy Pill, walking reduces the risk of dementia by 40% every day.

Proper nutrition and hydration before, during and after walking is a must! In our challenges you will learn what this means and how easy it is to do.

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