7 Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthy

7 ways to make your coffee healthy

7 ways to make your coffee healthy

Anyone who comes to our club knows that we do not force anyone to do anything against their will. Especially to be deprived of something beloved.

If coffee is your favorite pleasure? How to make it healthy? Here are some tips tested in our several years of practice.

  1. Coffee is a strong diuretic. In plain language, this means that with every coffee you drink, half a liter of water passes through your body without ever being used for its intended purpose. How to fight this?

Solution: drink a glass or two of pure water with every coffee you drink (not carbonated or any other liquid – water!).

  1. Our main appeal is: “everything is individual, but moderation, balance and smooth change apply to everyone”. It also applies to coffee. Here are some suggestions.

Moderation. The worrisome ingredient in coffee is caffeine. Taking less than 400 mg of caffeine per day has no proven harmful effect. What does that mean? This is the content of 4 cups of coffee.

Suggestion: do not exceed 3 cups of coffee per day. Why three and not four? Because you certainly get caffeine from other drinks as well. It is not bad to consider that, in addition to 4 cups of coffee, the permissible portion of 400 mg of caffeine is also contained in 8 cups of black tea, half an energy drink, one diet soda and a number of other products.

Balance. The most critical balance is the one with water, which I already wrote about. Keep it always! Think about it – when our parents and forefathers once drank coffee, it was always served with a glass of water! This is not accidental. But it’s a well-forgotten health habit.

The smooth change. In theory, it is good to reduce coffee gradually, by half a cup less each day. My practice shows that this is very individual. In fact, we have not made anyone stop the coffee. For everyone in our club, the change was imperceptible. But first let it be clear what to change, and you trust your wellness coach – he will take into account your personal characteristics.

  1. About 2/3 of the people who come to us prefer coffee with various additives – milk, cream, sugar or others. Is this healthy?

We are tolerant and always listen to their explanations that they read on the Internet or were told by a doctor/dietitian/nutritionist/EHK (one woman said) how useful it is, but everything has a price. Any such thing adds:

  • calories, often empty (Irish coffee – alcohol),
  • trans fats, harmful sweeteners and colors (cream),
  • lactose (milk – in the elderly, the enzyme involved in its processing is missing and its residues stick to the “most unlikely”, but always inappropriate places),
  • sugar (whether it is white or colored by the merchants, I do not see a difference) or
  • other harms.

Perhaps cinnamon or cocoa (in small quantities) are the only “healthy” additives, but they change its flavor.


1. Drink the coffee straight (but don’t forget the water!).

2. Instead of milk or cream, add a scoop of Herbalife’s Formula 1 Caffe Latte shake.

3. Replace coffee completely with Formula 1 “Cafe Latte” shake and Herbalife’s Thermogetics tea – the shake will satisfy your need for coffee aroma and energy, and the tea – for caffeine and energy.

  1. I lack energy and feel sleepy. I can’t do without coffee.

Solution: Trust your health coach and follow the regimen he recommends. Our practice shows that by taking 1-2 or more shakes and Thermozetics-tea daily, a person gets the necessary amount of protein, caffeine and micronutrients, has enough energy, and the need for coffee gradually and imperceptibly disappears.

  1. Coffee is useful. I’ve read that statistically people who drink less than 4 cups of coffee a day live longer. Why are you trying to deprive me of coffee?

Yes, that’s indeed what the statistics say, but somehow I don’t trust those statistics. Because, for example, according to statistics, the most people die who drink water every day. Or “if 99 people ate cabbage and one person ate pork, according to statistics, 100 people ate pork with cabbage.” It is not the statistics themselves that are important, but the analysis of the results in practice.

Solution: 100% of people who trust their wellness coach and stick to their program achieve excellent results, feel much better, overcome fatigue, are full of energy and get stronger many times over immunity. At the same time, their need for coffee gradually disappears. Moreover, without being forbidden – when they get drunk, they drink – with a glass or two of water, of course, because they attended the lectures of the Academy of Health or our online course.

  1. Coffee is harmful. Offer me an alternative drink.

I certainly won’t recommend you any energy or other drink in the store network. I will not describe the possible effects of these drinks, because we are a positive company, and they are not the most pleasant thing. It makes me uncomfortable when I see how many young people use them, but only people who have a purpose and want to do it themselves change their habits. I can’t change them with a magic wand.

For me, the right alternative to coffee is Thermogetics-tea by Herbalife.

I highly recommend it, not because I’m a member of Herbalife, but because I’ve experienced its benefits. It provides me with the necessary healthy amount of caffeine for the day, gives me energy, helps me overcome fatigue, helps me cleanse my body of toxins, waste products and all kinds of harmful substances, with it I also take the necessary amount of antioxidants.

Who knows why, I don’t feel like commenting on the statements of those who say: “I couldn’t follow these tips because I can’t smoke my cigarette without coffee”… 😉 It’s all a matter of priorities, not time, wish or otherwise. If your health is a priority, I would do anything for it. For their comfort, I will say that since I have been eating right, without forcing myself, I no longer smoke – everything just came by itself. For me, the addiction to cigarettes, although not so directly, is again due to irrational eating and lack of something. I explain the indirect connection between smoking and nutrition in the lectures at Academy of Health.

  1. Caffeine is used by the body slowly – its peak is 25-45 minutes after intake, but lasts 6-8 hours. It is therefore advisable not to drink anything containing caffeine after 14:00.

I’m going to disappoint people who claim that caffeine doesn’t work for them and that they can sleep after coffee. The truth is that they are just so tired (even if they don’t want to admit it) that their bodies are exhausted and go into protective sleep mode at the first opportunity.

Caffeine actually has a beneficial effect. Measurements on our customers show that the caffeine in Thermojetix-tea accelerates their metabolism by 3-4% (about 25-45 kcal). Which improves fat burning. At the same time, it increases and facilitates water intake. With this, it removes swelling in the limbs, often eliminates headaches, improves going to the toilet and a number of other positive things – unfortunately, the effects are very individual and I cannot guarantee to anyone that the desired effect will be obtained. But it will certainly be positive. And the organism itself, under a proper regime, usually copes with its problems by itself.

Note: For the sake of completeness of the article, I will note that a fashionable alternative to coffee is spreading around the web – coffee made from various exotic mushrooms. I’m not a fan of mushroom coffee, though I haven’t tried it. Also, it is not bad to be careful with mushrooms, especially if we are in the Netherlands – there various magic mushrooms can cause other side effects ;-). Why do I want to drink mushroom coffee when we have Thermojetix-tea – an alternative with a wonderful aroma and proven effect?!

I recommend you to join our club. You will learn many more subtleties, you will get to know personal stories, you will have enough motivation and knowledge to achieve your goals.

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