Attention Deficit Syndrome

Attention Deficit Syndrome

Attention Deficit Syndrome

A common occurrence. 85% of people don’t even know it applies to them.

If it is found in children, parents often think it will “go away” with age. Error.

It is often combined with hyperactivity. In hyperactivity, unless otherwise induced, simple carbohydrates greatly predominate. We know of many cases when, with adjustments in nutrition, hyperactivity disappears – upon reaching a balance of 30% proteins – 30% fats – 40% carbohydrates from the required caloric intake. But the attention deficit remains.

Should we be concerned about this?

My official answer is “I don’t know. Consult a doctor.”

My personal opinion has been formed by what I have read in the specialized literature and numerous personal stories.

And that is that we can use ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) to our advantage.

Have you heard of Adam Lavigne (frontman of Maroon 5)?

As a child, it was impossible for him to sit in one place, to be focused on one thing for a long time, to complete his school assignments. Sam knows he’s capable of being a good student, but because of his attention deficit disorder, he doesn’t succeed (he only learned about the syndrome from a doctor when he was already done with school).

However, the syndrome did not prevent him from winning with his group all the major music awards, including the Grammy. It doesn’t stop him from earning over $35 million a year.

According to him, having ADHD is “like having a Ferrari engine for your brain, but with bicycle brakes.”

People with this syndrome are the inventors and innovators, the movers and creators of our society.

Edward Hallowell, a world expert in the field of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder concludes that we need to use more analogies to make the syndrome easier to understand in non-medical settings.

People with this syndrome are creative and imaginative. What common man will get on a ship and sail to America? Columbus did it.

You must be a visionary, a pioneer, a dreamer and willing to take risks. That’s just how these people are. According to Hallowell, “people with ADD are constantly coming up with new ideas. They’re like a popcorn machine.”

Or, “Take someone to a farm and leave them alone for a week. If  when you come back afterwards he has turned the farm into an amusement park, then he has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). If he is peacefully resting on the porch, it is a severe case of modern life.’

Or: “The mind of a person with ADHD is like a toddler on a picnic. He goes where his mind leads him, without thought of danger or discipline. Sometimes he shuts down and gets into trouble, other times he discovers penicillin.”

Or: “Telling someone with ADHD to try harder is like telling a blind man to look harder. It’s not about effort or desire, it’s about how you’re programmed.”

It turns out that people can use this gift of theirs by turning to activities related to new ideas, creativity and bold decisions, and there they will be in their waters!

There are many stories of famous people, proof of this: in addition to Adam Levine and Columbus, Albert Einstein, Jamie Oliver, Jim Carrey, Justin Timberlake, Michael Phelps, Richard Branson, Walt Disney, Henry Ford and many others have this syndrome.

Can’t you succeed in life too? Or your child?

There are no limits… except maybe in your thinking.

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