Health on credit

Health on credit


Health on credit

Everyone happens to draw a loan.

One – because there is no money.

To another – because he does not want to spend his money (on a project).

And do we sometimes take credit for health?

We have been confronted with many stories over the past few years. But they didn’t talk about money. And for health. And a good life. Or dug. I will share some lessons learned from them. Those who wish can hear all the stories in the club and even get acquainted with the characters from them.

Fast loans

Fast money – when do we need it? When we have to hurry up a hole. We felt bad. When we take the money, we are briefly happy. But for a short while! We have to get them back. Just as fast. And with huge interest rates.

And so is alcohol. It seems to be “solving” our problems. For a short while. The next day our head hurts and we feel sick again.

Obviously, alcohol doesn’t solve problems.

And milk doesn’t solve them, someone will say. Yes, but there are consequences from alcohol. One day we understand what they are. Hopefully it’s not too late. By ear, I will tell you that milk can also have consequences if taken incorrectly. (If you want to learn more, read here.

Consumer loan

With higher interest rates, but with fewer responsibilities. Or at least we didn’t think about it in the beginning. But yes, we feel rich. And then – grief…

And so are the brief notes on healthy living. We feel good. We do not think about the consequences. And then – grief…


The amount is big here, the time is long, the price is huge – sometimes we return at times more.

It is answered by serious “digestion” – when we eat and live incorrectly for a long time. The pleasure is great, the time is long, the price – enormous – we sometimes return at times more. At one point, our body screams, “I can’t do it anymore!” And some “credit collectors” appear – diseases, medicines, cosmetics, various expensive procedures and incredible problems.

Loan from a friend

The amounts are small. There is usually no interest. Well, at least there are no visible ones. But the borrower loses some of his freedom. He understood this much later.

With health, a “loan from a friend” we take on holidays – Christmas and New Year, Easter, weddings, christenings and any other gatherings of loved ones. We eat more than what we need. We also eat different things from the things we need. We do this so that we do not hurt loved ones. Well, what the hell… nothing will happen in one go. Ie The “sins” are very small and the interest rates invisible for the time being. But the recipient loses some of his freedom. He realizes it much later… when it remains in the hands of his closest people because he cannot take care of himself.

And life is a serious financial institution (in health). It collects all your (health) credits, no matter where or by whom they are taken, and crashes them down your head. Pay! Now!

And people come to us, embarrassed … “well, how was everything OK, all of a sudden …”

No, it’s not all of a sudden. We already know for sure.

There is no free lunch!

And are all these (health) credits a problem?

You decide. In our club we do not cause problems.

We offer solutions.

In this article, we cannot propose a common solution. Every person is different. Everyone has different goals, different needs (well, in most cases they do not coincide, but everyone sets their priorities and manages their own ego as much as possible).

We prepare the individual for his or her personal “budget” (for health). How many calories he needs according to his lifestyle? How much to take? And what (important! – it’s not simple math or physics). We dynamically change it as we change it, and keep track of what’s happening. We do not leave him alone in this struggle (sometimes fierce – with ego, laziness, weak will, excuses, global economic crises and whatever factors).

What is common is that everyone should make long-term investments. In health. Despite the analogies, we are not talking about money here.

And he has to do them early. For myself – from a young age. To teach both children and grandchildren. All your loved ones.

What is the return?

  • Health and strong immunity;
  • Beauty – beautiful and slender figure, beautiful and radiant skin;
  • Strength, efficiency and endurance;
  • Wisdom and experience:
    • Veganism and vegetarianism – not a solution;
    • Hunger – not a solution;
    • Excuses – forget them because there are no impossible things;
    • Medicines – sometimes needed, but it is important when;
    • Personal development – knowledge of life, business, relationships;
    • Proper nutrition of the brain for good functioning;
  • Beautiful aging – who doesn’t want it?

It does not happen immediately. It’s not today – tomorrow. Three, six months, a year or more – for each person is different – depends on how much “credit” he has collected to repay. It takes tenacity and not so much willpower. There is a desire and the right alignment of values ​​in life.

But yes, maybe the old way…

Which way you choose?

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