Health on Credit

Credit Health

Credit Health

It happens to everyone to withdraw credit.

To one – because there is no money.

To another – because he does not want to spend his own money (on a given project).

And do we sometimes take health on credit?

We have come across many stories in the past few years. But they didn’t talk about money. And for health. And a good life. Or shitty. I will share some takeaways and lessons learned from them. Those who wish can listen to the whole stories in the club and even get to know the characters from them.

Quick loans

Fast money – when do we need it? When we need to quickly plug a “hole”. We felt sick. Taking the money makes us happy for a short while. But for a short time! We have to get them back. Just as fast. And with huge interest.

It’s the same with alcohol. It supposedly “solves” our problems. For a short time. The next day we have a headache and feel sick again.

Obviously, alcohol doesn’t solve problems.

That and milk doesn’t solve them, someone will say. Yes, but alcohol has consequences. One day we understand what. Hopefully it’s not too late. I will tell you “by ear” that even milk can have consequences if it is taken incorrectly. (If you want to learn more, read here.

Consumer Credit

With higher interest, but with smaller responsibilities. Or at least we don’t think about it at first. But yes, we feel rich. And then – sorrow…

So it is with the short runs of the healthy life. We feel good. We don’t think about the consequences. And then – sorrow…

Mortgage loan

Here, the amount is large, the time is long, the price is huge – sometimes we return many times more.

It is answered by serious “binge eating” – when we eat and live incorrectly for a long time. The pleasure is great, the time is long, the price is huge – sometimes we return many times more. At some point, our organism screams: “I can’t do it anymore!” and all kinds of “credit collectors” appear – diseases, drugs, cosmetics, various expensive procedures and incredible problems.

Loan from a friend

The amounts are small. There is usually no interest. Well, at least there aren’t any visible ones. But the recipient of the loan loses some of his freedom. He understands this much later.

With health, we take a “loan from a friend” on holidays – Christmas and New Year, Easter, weddings, baptisms and any other gatherings of close people. We eat more than we need. We also eat different things than the things we should. We do it so as not to affect close people. Well, so what… from one time nothing will happen. I.e. The “sins” are very small, and the interest – invisible for the moment. But the receiver loses some of his freedom. He realizes it much later… when he is left in the hands of those closest to him because he cannot take care of himself.

And life is a serious financial institution (in health). It collects all your credits (for health), no matter where or who they are taken from, and drops them all at once on your head.

Pay! Now!

And people come to us, confused… “how was everything OK, suddenly…”

No, it’s not sudden. We already know that for sure.

There is no free lunch!

Are all these credits (for health) a problem?

You decide. We don’t cause problems in our club.

We offer solutions.

We cannot offer a general solution in this article. Every person is different. Each person has different goals, different needs (well, in most cases they don’t match, but everyone sets his own priorities and deals with his own ego – as best he can).

We prepare for the specific person his personal “budget” (for health). How many calories does he need based on his lifestyle? How much should I take? And what kind (important! – this is not simple math or physics). We dynamically change it as it changes and track what happens. We do not leave him alone in this struggle (sometimes fierce – with ego, laziness, weak will, excuses, world economic crises and whatnot).

The general point is that everyone should make long-term investments. Cheers. Despite the analogies, we’re not talking about money here.

And he should do them from early on. For myself – from youth. To teach children and grandchildren. All your loved ones.
What is the return?

  • Health and strong immunity;
  • Beauty – beautiful and slender figure, beautiful and radiant skin;
  • Strength, workability and endurance;
  • Wisdom and experience:
    • Veganism and vegetarianism – not a solution;
    • Hunger is not a solution;
    • Excuses – I forget them because nothing is impossible;
    • Medicines – sometimes they are needed, but it is important when;
    • Personal development – knowledge about life, business, relationships;
    • Proper brain nutrition for good functioning;
  • Aging beautifully – who doesn’t want that?

It doesn’t happen right away. It doesn’t happen from today – for tomorrow. Three, six months, a year or more – it’s different for each person – it depends on who has collected how much “credit” to pay back. It takes persistence and not so much will. Desire and correct arrangement of values in life is enough.

Yes, maybe in the old way…

Which path do you choose?

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