Especially for Radio Amateurs (HAMs)

Just for hams

Just for hams

The last ham meeting I participated in left me with a slightly sour feeling.

Everyone around me was 20-30 (maybe more) kilos overweight.

As they say, “weighed in place”.

And women included.

I won’t say which city it is so people don’t take it personally, but I’ve been looking at every HAM, YL or XYL ever since. (In YL I used to look, but in a different way).

And with the same painful feeling, I find that almost all radio amateurs are “fatties”…

I’m sure most radio amateurs think it’s because of their stagnant lives. Yes, this life in front of the radio and/or computer is taking its toll, but it’s not the main cause.

I am equally sure that without stress, fasting and diets, every radio amateur can achieve and maintain at least such a state of body and spirit as I achieved and have been maintaining for the third year (already lost 30 kilograms, 10.5% fat and over 70 cm laps – I’d probably almost fit in my prom suit, but I’m not saving it to try on).

But I can’t convey this either in Morse code (although I claim to be good at it) or on SSB or FM.

You will have to take at least the first step yourself, and then you can count on our (mine and XYL Galya’s) support and advice.

And XYL Galya and I will measure you or ask you to do it, we will talk about your current eating habits and we will prepare a FREE diet for you. We will also advise you on what you need to do to achieve what you have “set your sights on”.

This “offer” is only valid for radio amateurs and their families.

You can register for any of the forms at

Welcome! You may not be alone!

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