Potato love

Potato love

In “The Hidden Gift” Jeries Awad

A kindergarten teacher came up with the following game for the children in the group: everyone had to bring a bag of a few potatoes, each potato bearing the name of a man the child hated. Therefore, as much as people hated the child, as many potatoes he would bring. Some children came with two potatoes, some with three, and some with five.

The teacher told them to carry the bag with them wherever they went, even in the toilet, for a week. The days passed, and the children began to complain about the unpleasant smell of spoiled potatoes. Those with five potatoes carried heavier bags on top of it.

After a week, the kids took a break because the game was finally over. Then the teacher asked them how they felt that week. The children began to complain about how difficult it was for them to bring the heavy and smelly potatoes with them. Finally, the teacher explained to them the meaning of this game:

„It’s the same thing when you hate someone in your heart. The stench of hatred will poison your heart, and you will carry it everywhere with you. If you find it difficult to bear the smell of rotten potatoes for a week, imagine what it’s like to carry the poison of hate in your hearts for the rest of your life? “

Potato love. Forgiving is the best recipe for a good life.

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