Is our Metabolism Slow?

Is our metabolism slow?

Is our metabolism slow?

As a child, I had the most fun with Charlie Chaplin (untranslatable play on words – in Bulgarian the word “slow” has the same meaning as “fun” and “slow”).

Over time, it turned out that the metabolism can also be slow.

This may not seem funny to you, but we can speed it up in a fun way.

However, how do we know if he’s funny?

There are different ways.

  1. A fortune teller. We do not recommend it.
  2. Decreased body temperature. This one is more or less the same – don’t we need to know the temperature with a normal metabolism to know if it has decreased? Well, if it’s below 36 degrees, there’s a good chance it’s fun. But if it is much below 36, pinch yourself hard first! If it hurts, that’s fine, and read on if not… But the temperature should also be taken for a certain period, at the same time, under certain conditions… No, I don’t want to do that to you!</li >
  3. Cold extremities. Again, not a very reliable indicator. Maybe you’re just more lonely than you’d like? Smile more, you won’t be cold for long!
  4. Excess pounds. Warm! They are quite a visible sign of a slow metabolism, but it is still not quite certain.
  5. After eating you feel sleepy. Even warmer! After eating, you suddenly want to lie down and take at least a little nap. This is related to the work of the pancreas and the production of insulin, but if you want to learn more about this process, sign up for our support groups (Galya: +359 888 153 150 or Tony: +359 88 9 920 930< /strong>). For now, I do not advise you to delve into this either.
  6. Get measured with us (see phones above!). It’s quick, easy, painless. In addition to your metabolism, we will also measure many other things. The only condition is that you can undress barefoot (you must step on one device per bare foot).

Additional extras:

  • Analysis of current eating habits (free);
  • Basic recommendations for changing them (free);
  • Opportunity to join a support group (the opportunity is free, but participation is for a modest fee, maybe in two installments);
  • Possibility of preparing a personal, especially for you, nutritional regime (also free of charge, but after completing a short survey and agreeing to the conditions that we will specify at the meeting).
  • Opportunity to participate in a culinary academy, beauty parties, sports activities (according to your physical condition) and other trainings.

Soon I will write a few lines and why the metabolism is usually slow, as well as how to speed it up, but it is another thing that the recommendations are tailored exactly to the specific person and after the measurements – so – call, don’t feel sorry for us!</ strong>

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