12 tricks to change your lifestyle this spring

12 tricks to change your lifestyle this spring


12 tricks to change your lifestyle this spring

Haven’t you been able to do it yet? Great! Spring is a great time to change and give birth to something new and beautiful.

Here are 12 tricks to change your lifestyle this spring for a better and healthier one.

  1. Hide your calendar somewhere. Don’t throw it away, just hide it from view. For now.

You must have set “great” New Year’s goals that hang like a stone around your neck and you no longer want to see them.

Let’s simplify things. Big goals are easily achieved if they are broken down into small easy steps.

Set a goal for each month: strive to learn a new healthy habit each month. The weather is great now – why not start with a half-hour walk this month?

  1. Refresh your connection.

Interpersonal therapy claims that our mood, health and energy depend directly on our relationships with relatives, colleagues, friends. If you can improve this relationship, you will feel an immediate therapeutic effect on you.

Make a list (I really like all kinds of lists 😉) in which you write down your key relationships and what you want to improve in them.

Yes, I know they depend on both sides. But doesn’t anyone have to take the first step? Why isn’t that you? Also, when you think of a blank sheet of paper, some things may be up to you.

  1. Get a preventive medical checkup.

I do not need to explain to you that prevention is better than any treatment. So, if you have already decided to lead a better and healthier life, you need to know what you need to improve, right? Prophylactic medical examination is a good start.

He can also tell you things you didn’t know: your planned diet may be contraindicated, your heart may not be ready for intense exercise, and your joints may be too early to squat, especially with weights.

  1. Take it easy!

From the posters we see exhausted sweaty faces of athletes who claim that “there is no victory without pain”. Initially, this leads us to training as for the world, to failure, around the clock, without a step back.

Relax… relax and enjoy the exercise. Discover the moment of maximum pleasure. You are hardly preparing for the Olympics, you just want to be healthy and shape a beautiful figure. Discover your favorite sport or game – rollerblading, tennis or even just a walk in nature – this has at least three advantages: you will get as close as possible to your health goals, you will have fun and you will not need additional motivation.

  1. Eat nice, slow and enjoyable.

When it comes to nutrition, we usually focus on dieting and counting calories.

And in most cases, it is enough to eat slowly – so you will be full before you finish the portion.

Eat well – try to include all the colors in your diet – carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, peppers, beets and everything else in different colors. This way you will easily get the basic phytonutrients that you need for a good metabolism and are extremely useful for our body, albeit in very small quantities.

  1. Avoid packaged and canned foods.

Cooking has changed fundamentally over the last few decades. We used to take the products from our garden, we ate most of them only after washing.

Today, most people prepare their food from packages with incomprehensible ingredients, which are poked in the microwave. No time for complicated things.

But what is the result? Problems with weight, digestive system, bad cholesterol in the blood.

And right now there are great things in the farmers’ markets! Throw away everything packaged from home and shop for fresh, delicious things!

  1. Do spring cleaning in the kitchen and refrigerator.

Discard semi-finished foods and canned food now. They contain preservatives and all sorts of harmful substances that are supposed to be normal. They are safe in disposable norms, yes… but if we consume them constantly, do they not accumulate? Metal cans have a special coating that protects them from corrosion, but is harmful to us. Excessive amounts of preservatives and sodium have been linked to cardiovascular disease. Sulfites are a good preservative, but when accumulated they lead to respiratory diseases.

  1. Do short, intense workouts every day.

Intense interval training has revolutionized the wellness industry. Such a program can be created for any type of physical activity and in almost any place, not only in the gym and sports fields. It can be improvised even without any equipment at home. They can also be used for running, cycling, strength training, fitness – almost everywhere.

Won’t you be able to find 7 minutes every day for such a workout? Try it, the effect will amaze you!

  1. Reduce sugary and pasta foods.

I hope there are no more people who wonder why I put sweet and pasta in one place. This is how I describe simple carbohydrates in a more simple way. We must pay special attention to the maximum reduction of white sugar (brown is often brown only because of the color in it, so it also goes into this reduction).

Carbohydrates are generally the largest part of our caloric intake, about 40%. But this includes fiber and complex carbohydrates (ie fruits, vegetables, etc.). It is good to reduce pasta, sweets and especially white sugar to almost zero.

  1. Keep a food diary.

Here is also a very useful health habit that can be quickly mastered, even with others. No need to wait for it next month, start it now. There are also great smartphone apps that you can use as a diary.

As you start recording what, when and how much you take per day, you will certainly think seriously and easily understand what you need to change and what is the right decision.

  1. Enjoy the sunshine.

We don’t see the sun all winter. Most of the time we are enclosed between four walls and the light of electric lamps and monitors.

It’s spring. Put your electronic devices aside and spend more time outdoors and in the sun. You will certainly feel a significant surge of health and good mood.

  1. Fight uniformity.

If your workout has become routine and has stopped making you happy, try something new. You still do this for health and good mood, right? Look for pleasure in everything.

Instead of running for a long time, you can play football, strength training can add variety to dance lessons, and yoga can be a great addition to swimming. Don’t be afraid to change activities and experiment.

The pleasant experience will restore your motivation and desire to change to a healthy and active lifestyle.

It’s easy! Enroll in our online challenge course for half-one an hour a day for less than a month you will learn everything you need for imperceptible change.