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Where do you recognize yourself here?

(Български) Зоната ти на комфорт се е сляла с дивана пред телевизора или компютъра и е оградена от егото ти, според което ти знаеш и можеш всичко… И като е така, защо си на това дередже?

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Why is our metabolism slow?

Защо метаболизмът ни е забавен?

  From previous publication we understand that our metabolism may be slow. Which is often no fun. Now let’s think why. We are happy that more and more young people are thinking about it. So what are the reasons for slow metabolism? Lifestyle. There is no way, without changing anything in our lifestyle, to expect something…

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Hunger or Thirst?

  Food and water are fuel for the human organism. When there is a need for fuel, the body sends a signal to the brain. But what is missing? We rarely think about it. Our first reaction is to feed it. But he is more thirsty. Let’s not confuse the thirst with hunger and do…

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Symptoms that you drink less water

  What are the symptoms that you drink too small amount of water? It is best not to wait to come and visit us to measure by a specialized device for measuring the composition of the human body. But if you have not yet gathered enough courage (who knows why courage proves necessary, especially for…

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When to drink water required?

  Make a habit MANDATORY drinking water in the following cases: after getting up from sleep to help your body to clean and “awake” for a wonderful day; less (about half an hour) before each meal to help your digestive system to function better and be strengthened in part, which reduces consumption at mealtimes; before…

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