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7 day challenge

  Challenge – game with next level tasks. Our 7 day challenge includes: Package of 6 balanced snacks. Personal trainer and consultation. Home Video Training. General nutrition recommendations. Completion of individual tasks. PARTICIPATION FEE – BGN 39.50. The tasks are about sharing a photo with products, following up on club accounts, and having a hashtag…

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21 day challenge

  21 day challenge is online training and building the right eating habits to achieve certain goals. Contents: Personal trainer, consultation and individual nutrition plan. Thematic video lectures on nutrition. Video workouts for home performance. Sample Healthy Cooking Recipes. Various personal stories. Track the results online or by phone. 21 tea and shake (or aloe…

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Culinary Academy

Registration Form: https://forms.gle/8KXjSNv3FEZQHztw9 The Culinary Academy is the most delicious part of our events! 🥦Are you wondering how to eat a variety of #tasteful and #food, do you want to # fit? Even if the answer is no, feel free to grab a bite and save # super # delicious # recipes with us! 🥗…

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Beauty Party

  Do you know which the largest organ is in the human body? The skin! And not only it is the largest, but also one of the most important – it is the borderline furrow with the hostile environment. And not only. Beautiful skin is something that everyone dreams of. Many people give huge resources…

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Looking for beauty

  A retelling of the event by legendary motivator Zig Ziglar. An angry woman ran to the lecturer. Before he could even introduce himself, she poured out an angry rant about how much she hated her job. Zig Zaglar was startled. He had probably never seen so much anger and malice in a human being….

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10000 steps a day

  You have certainly heard (or read) the advice that it is desirable to strive to walk 10000 steps a day. For most people, this is 6-8 km/day, depending on the height of a person, the speed at which he moves, and his walking habits. Have you ever wondered if this is so? And where…

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