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Potato love

In “The Hidden Gift,” Jeries Awad A kindergarten teacher came up with the following game for the children in the group: everyone had to bring a bag of a few potatoes, each potato bearing the name of a man the child hated. Therefore, as much as people hated the child, as many potatoes he would…

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The 3 Thoughts that Make us Fat

  The formula of “eat less, move more” may not work if you don’t take into account the fine body settings. Low self-esteem Excessive self-demand overshadows life and affects the waist. Unscrupulous nutritionists make money by making people feel bad and overly critical of their bodies. As a result, a person caught in this trap…

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How to lose weight quickly

Hmm… That’s what most people ask. Butmaybe the right question is “How do I start losing weightquickly“. Or even better “How to start losing weight without harming my health“. How to lose weight quickly“ is not the best choice. Witha corroded Australian study on random selected people, it tries to refute the harm of rapid…

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Healthy and Happy with Galanto

  Yes, this is the new name of Wellness Club Galanto. We have done this rebranding in the interest of our current and future members, in the interest of our community. That’s what our Facebook page will be called soon. One of the main reasons for the rebranding is that the physical Wellness Club Galanto…

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5 exercises in social isolation

  By Samantha Clayton, OLY, ISSA-CPT, Vice President, Sports Performance and Fitness Worldwide Gyms and training studios are taking all possible measures to slow the further spread of the highly infectious COVID-19 (coronavirus). The gym is a well-known and populated place where germs can easily spread. A new study has shown that the corona virus…

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Strengthen your Immune System through Nutrition

(Български) Храненето не е заместител на ефективно лекарство и няма да ви попречи да се зарази те с COVID-19 или други заболявания. Поддържането на силна имунна система обаче е нещо, което всички здрави хора могат да направят.

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Extravaganza EMEA 2020

  We look forward to celebrating the 40th anniversary of Herbalife Nutrition! The Company has taken into account the current situation regarding Covid-19 and the ongoing restrictions on travel and mass gatherings and has decided that it is in the best interests of our Members and employees not to host Extravaganza in Stockholm. Instead, for…

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