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Galanto Club

Anyone can become a member of Galanto Club – regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, party affiliation, social status or anything else that divides people. But to be a preferred member, that person must: Not to impose in any way his differences from other members of the club Club Galanto…

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Anton Ivanov

I’m Tony, and I’m an Olympic weightlifter. I have tried all kinds of ways, the results were always short-lived. At one point, I already resigned, I decided that as a colonel I should weigh myself in place (at that time I was a colonel in the General Staff, 48 years…

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Galina Mihaylova

I am Gali. Here is my story. I am an accountant by profession. A responsible and at the same time very demanding profession. I was a partner and manager in an accounting firm. And I still didn’t have time. Tension and stress, working 12 hour days, large amounts of coffee,…

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